Visual Exploration: Zine in a day

Today I and the rest of the group created zines in a day. We worked in 3 groups and my group consisted of Katie B., Emily and myself.

Prior to deciding on a theme we all placed post-it notes on the wall with examples and thoughts of what ‘feed’ could be. I found this very helpful, and I decided to focus on environmental issues, which is what Katie and Emily also chose. (Although Katie did move over from the ‘Events/Conversation’ category to equalise the numbers in the 3 groups)

We decided to look at food waste, and came up with a number of different ideas for pages. We then chose two numbers from 1 – 6 at random, so that we could assign each other two pages each to design. We decided to do the front, back and poster together, unless anybody in the group turned up in the afternoon in which case we would have let them do one or two aspect/s.

I’m not very confident in group projects, simply because of my anxiety towards social situations. But I think we all organised ourselves well and worked together successfully! I thought it would be very hard work to produce a zine in a day, but by working together it helped make this possible.
I would have liked for it to have been in colour, but regardless I think it still works well in black and white.

Below are some photographs I took of other zines and our own. I was inspired by the small pocket-sized zine in particular, as its layout both really intrigued and puzzled me. With our own zine I thought that because we decided on a target audience of students that the pocket-sized aspect would be perfect.


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