Speed Dating

This was a session we had with the Year 2 Vis Com students, and involved only having a limited amount of time to ask the other student questions – hence the name “speed dating”. We had to find things we were both interested in/liked and write them down on a long roll of paper which covered the table tops.

The time to talk got shorter and shorter as we worked around the table (or rather the other way around, as the Year Twos had to change seats) and I think the maximum number of questions I got were about 8 – 15; most of the time I only got fewer than 8, whereas Charlotte next to me got so many each time!

I thought it was actually quite fun, despite my nerves at the beginning. Because it was so fast paced, my nerves weren’t really able to get the better of me. I enjoyed finding out my similarities with people, and getting a feel for what each individual was like. However I only really remember a few names, and sometimes I would introduce myself as Charlotte and others I’d introduce myself as Char. It also went a little bit confusing at the end because Graham had disappeared, but it was also nice to just chat a bit with Kit and Rees.


One thought on “Speed Dating

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    I really enjoyed today and meeting the second years with an opportunity to chat. My problem was we concentrated less on answering the questions and became more involved in conversation, which was then cut short. That was a shame, as just as though it seemed we were getting somewhere it was gone. I enjoyed the idea of this activity and thought that it was great ice breaker, but didn’t feel that it patched the way to forming relationships necessarily, once it was over everyone reformed their class/ group and went back to what they had been doing previously. It would be great to do a few things at the start of the year that get the second years more involved on a social basis because then the work would flow from that. My first year at New College Durham we had an all day Brazilian street drumming lesson and break dancing class, we all loved it and formed together so well from it. Plus it was the experience of doing something new together as a whole that’s just been something i’ve never forgotten.

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