Visual Exploration: Decaying Pumpkin

Charlotte and I share a flat, and we carved a pumpkin around Bonfire Night.
I wanted to document a short version of it decaying, because I find it interesting and because I felt it tied in to my Visual Exploration project.

Charlotte carved the face (Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon!) and I carved autumnal leaves and attempted a firework – which looked slightly better in real life, because I tried to peel the skin away and then cut in the middle of this.

It fits in to the zine I created with my peers, in the sense that it is rotting food. But what I find interesting about pumpkins is that they are mostly used for celebrating Halloween, and are less about actually eating but more about an event which involves communities. There are even people who are professional pumpkin carvers, and in this sense pumpkins are a type of art.

If I were to revisit this idea of a photographic series, I would use my DSLR camera on a tripod and set specific times to take photos, in order to document its decay.
I simply wanted to try the idea visually, because the way in which the back was rotting was particularly interesting – I had accidentally cut the top where it met the lid. So it held its shape at first, but gradually sunk in.


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