Visual Exploration: Digital Film

I joined forces with Katie, Emily, and Charlotte to create our film. We planned out what our main roles would be, and what we wanted to record. Ultimately however, we let each other try the different techniques and worked together throughout. I feel this worked really well, because we each had input in all areas.
Prior to going out to film, we created a storyboard together and wrote down the questions to ask the stall worker. I also researched the market and although I already knew facts such as it being the largest indoor market in Europe, I also found out a lot of other interesting facts about its history:

Critique at the film screening (18th November)

  • Change title – not really ‘A day in the life of leeds market’ as focuses on one stall.
    Change to “Fruit and Veg’ of Leeds Market”
  • Have more natural reactions to the questions – leave the erms and ahs in.
  • Have captions over the fruit and veg clips – no interviewer voice.
  • Make the establishing shot (start of video) shorter.
  • Change the order of the questions.
    Start with “How long has the stall been here” then “How long have you been working here?”
  • Clips of the interviewee shouting after he says it’s his ‘little stage’ – or before the interview.
  • No music – it’s good to keep natural sound
  • Take out some of his answers
  • Play on the humour of him being uncomfortable.

We were unable to change absolutely everything suggested, due to technical difficulties: We had deleted the majority of the footage, as we were led to believe that the screening would be final, so we wouldn’t need the recordings for after the screening. However, we strove to do the best that we could with what we did have, and used some clips that Emily had taken on her phone which had been for the first practice film. (I missed this first day due to illness) I think ultimately, considering the difficulties, we all created 2 relatively successful films of the market. Obviously, if I could change anything, it would be that we hadn’t deleted the footage. But I enjoyed the different processes, mainly using the camera and learning how to edit with Adobe Premiere. I worried when I was using headphones to listen to the microphone, due to my hearing impairment.


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