Visual Exploration: Collage

The above are 4 initial collages I created during my first collage sessions. I only had around 10 minutes to complete the first couple, but then an extra 10-or-so minutes when I looked for images on the internet (the last two).

  1. Peers thought it was trying to show dementia, as it looks like he is looking at calmer & happier times.
    I actually wanted it to communicate mental illness, in the sense that inside a sufferer’s mind it is chaotic (used crashing waves) but outside they can seem fine.
  2. Therefore, to improve the above: Chose someone with a sadder expression, not necessarily older. Opened the head from the BACK, rather than the front. Had more chaotic imagery shooting inside of and out of his mind. Group thought this was more successful.
  3. Peers weren’t sure what it was, imagery too small.
    I was trying to show certain humans like farmers and pesticide producers as angry ants, taking a honey bee apart. This is to do with the declination of bees.
  4. I was told to create a simple image with 2 images. I drew out briefly an idea of what I wanted, and then searched for the image of a chubby man and a burger, to combine the two. The group understood this collage almost immediately. It was basically a kind of ‘you are what you eat’ jest. The book I feel I could have done without though, as it wasn’t planned. Also, it brought up whether one should offend a certain type of person – basically to be aware of whether you are or not.
Refer to sketchbook for developmental work

After I had decided I wanted to look at communicating the declination of bees in my collage, I began experimenting with imagery and placement of it on the page – which can be seen above.
I then created a draft/practice piece which can be seen/read about in my sketchbook.


Going on my feedback from Sharon and peers, I created the above as a final piece.

I decided ultimately that the colours in this image of rotting apples worked the best, because it is dark and could represent pollution/smog (the shape of the apples paper also). Whereas the red rotting apples I used didn’t communicate this, and they actually looked appetising rather than disgusting.
I again crumbled the edges of the apples, to add to the message of decay. And I made sure that you could see the apples clearer than in my practice version.

I feel it is successful because of the above. I am glad I also only used 2 images, which was suggested. I worried a lot about whether it was communicating what I wanted it to communicate, but I feel more confident about this now than I did with my other version/s.



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