Visual Exploration: Evaluation

  • Bees – I chose this theme because of the declination of bees & honey, which in turn would mean many foods would become extinct. We as human beings would also struggle to survive. This also relates to the environment, as the earth itself and the land would struggle.
  • Mental health – Something I feel passionately about; I thought about looking at foods that are good to combat it, foods that could represent it in some way, and the relationship between mental health and food.

For both ideas I wanted to raise awareness in a positive way.

Regarding my research, I feel I could have done with expanding on it. However, at the start of the project I struggled with time management which led to me being unable to research as much as I would’ve liked to have done.
Albeit my idea development I feel better about, because I think I did develop the majority of the different processes well – such as typography and my screen-print.

I strove to be critically engaged throughout the project, but I do think I could have demonstrated this better had I been able to source more research. Also, a lot of the research I did find wasn’t something I felt I could criticise. But I did explain their meaning/relevance as much as I could.

Overall I feel I did communicate my messages successfully: with my screen-print I like the end result, both for its aesthetics and its message, which regard mental health. I created a metaphor using a walnut to represent a human brain, and text to demonstrate the similarities between nuts and human heads being breakable. Therefore I feel it is successful.
With both my collage and typography I had to ask other people for their feedback a lot, as the more I looked at them the less sure I became of how successful the message I intended to communicate was. I feel less certain about my collage, but I do think it has improved from my previous collage experiment of the bee and red apples. Whereas with typography I feel a little more certain, because the composition of the type represents what the sentence is communicating.

The above 3 pieces did resonate with me, as well as the photographic series shots: I like the photographic series because it shows an honest & authentic interaction between people. I think this is simply nice, as I take an interest in human mentality.
My screen-print in particular resonates with me because it addresses mental health, and I suffer from mental illnesses myself.

At first I struggled to manage my workload, but gradually and especially towards the end of the project I started to improve on this, and created timetables to help myself. So I do think that I could have managed it better had I been better organised.
Overall I did prefer working independently to collaboratively, simply because I felt less anxious and more in control. However, the groups I worked in were well organised and we worked well as a team. There were slight difficulties when certain members weren’t available, but this rarely happened to us.

Through this project I feel that my strengths lie in photography, film, and possibly screen-printing. However I did struggle with the social aspects of camera-based work. I was happy with my illustration for my screen-printing & enjoyed the process.
I enjoyed collage but struggled with how to communicate with it. With typography I struggled with the process, but in the end felt I’d created a successful poster. My zine I enjoyed the concept of and the collaboration, but felt disappointed with my illustrations. They may have looked better if I had had more time & could’ve printed the zine in colour.


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