Viscom’s Village Fete 2014

Briefing + Idea Generation

We wanted our stall to appeal to all ages, especially families. With Christmas around the corner, we thought a Christmas themed quiz would be appropriate alongside our snowmen, which we would construct out of plastic cups. I personally preferred our Christmas tree idea initially, as I thought it would be nice for people to take something away with them like a personalised bauble. But my group preferred the snowman idea, so we went with that.

I enjoyed how imaginative our stall was, especially the materials we had to use to make it. I would not have thought to staple cups together otherwise, put it that way. It was a difficult and time-consuming process, but I liked the results! The head was the most difficult to construct, because I had to try to make a smaller circle of cups than I had the middle of the body, to make the head smaller overall. So I had to manipulate the cups by bending and squashing them a bit and stapling as close to the bottom of them as I could.

Through collaboration we organised days and times to complete tasks, such as buying materials like plastic cups and fake snow, which we shared the cost of between us. We spent time in college and then at home over the weekend creating the snowmen and accessories. It helped that Charlotte and I live in the same flat, and we contacted Dea over Facebook to discuss things. I feel that we all worked well together in this sense, as we made sure we would be on time with the fete!
We decided that Charlotte would focus on making accessories for the snowmen (about 6, so that we didn’t ask too many questions in the quiz), I would make one snowman and Dea would make the other. I also sourced out questions from online; 8 which were more suitable for adults and 8 more suitable for children. We would mix the questions depending on who took the quiz.

As a whole we managed to raise £150 for the Teenage Cancer Trust; our stall raised around £5, which we thought was successful for the prices we charged at – 30p per person for the quiz and 20p for a sketch. We may have undercharged, and I now think we should have charged 10p more.
We spent around £9 to create our stall, most of the money going on plastic cups. We decided not to include the squeaky toy ‘buzzers’ to save money, and because they might sound the same. We decided that players could just as easily raise their hand.

My thoughts on charity are varied; it depends on what the charity is for and how said charity operates. There are some charities for instance that I feel are wrong, such as some donating to regions within Africa. Not all of these countries need aid, or the aid is taken by their governments and not shared out amongst those in need. There is a perception here in Europe that Africa is completely in poverty, and that its people cannot support themselves.
But many Africans dislike this perception as they see it as racist and incorrect; I once read a story about an African man who wears suits to work, and was asked to be filmed. He thought it would be good, to show a better picture of Africa. But the crew asked him to wear tattered clothing for them. It is wrong for certain charities to depict starving adults and children as if it is all over Africa.
Regarding cancer charities I feel they are important, although I think some would be better joining forces rather than competing against each other, which seems pointless; money may be wasted on campaigns to out-do each other for instance, when they should use it for their research.

 Finally, here are the rest of my photographs of the event! 😀

I was thrilled that we had won the Pensioner’s Choice award! I didn’t get to be in the photo with Graham, so Dea said I could have the Werthers Originals we had won! I wanted to share them, though c:


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