Narratives: Bookbinding

I had to go to a bookbinding workshop in order to bind the pages I had printed off myself, and although I had done this once before, I still found it tricky. I’ve usually been pleased with the end result, but as I’m making a book I tend to doubt myself and struggle to see how the finished product may appear. The same was true in this case.
I have attached some photos of the process underneath, and annotated them.

It’s a process that I find stressful in trying to align everything perfectly- yet I realise that it is extremely difficult to do, and in some way this can be a manually bound book’s appeal. It seems to me a lot like cooking, in how sometimes you have a wait a while, and others you have to be very fast. I took quite a while trying to make my book correctly, but I think I would speed up with more practice. It is a process I would like to try again, if I find a good opportunity to use it. I would like to find time to experiment with it in my own time, to try the different techniques (such as box-stitches etc).

As well as the glue being tricky to control, because of how messy it was, I had a lot of trouble in trying to cut out parts with a retractable knife. Also, despite measuring it with 3mm either side and 5mm less for the spine, I ended up with only just enough card for the covers, to actually cover my pages. But in the end they seemed to work, and I think the slight thickness of the cover material helped with this slightly.


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