Green Party meeting

On Thursday I went along with a friend to a meeting between members of the Green political party, who had invited me along as a fellow member. I was extremely anxious about it, but I went because I was interested in finding other members within my ward, and interested in what they were going to discuss: I feel strongly about electing more Green MPs, and I wasn’t sure how to reach out to people within the community. But then I received an email from this group, so I knew it would be very beneficial for me to go along.

The group themselves seemed very friendly, and although there were about 12 of us there was a wide range of ages – I would put the estimated average somewhere around 38, as there were maybe slightly less than half of us in our 20s.
We discussed electing a new candidate, which we did and came to a general consensus. These were unusual circumstances, but it had been agreed at a previous meeting. We also discussed leaflets a lot, and had I not felt too busy with my college work and other commitments I would have offered to work on designing it with them. It sounded like they had made a lot of progress already, though, which I felt positive about.

I plan to help distribute the leaflets once they are printed, hopefully with my friend!


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