Inspiration: Never Alone/Kisima Ingitchuna

Warning: Spoilers

Never Alone is a game that was my main inspiration for my Narratives book. I was really interested in the story, so I knew I wanted to play through it. But at the time of my Narratives work, I was too busy, and I didn’t want to copy the story exactly in any case. So I waited for a time that I could play it…

I knew the beginning, as I had seen a YouTuber play it. I wanted to use the same beginning, because I thought it was a great opening to telling a story. But I then challenged myself to create the rest of the story, and did this by researching Native American/Eskimo folklore.

Although I am pleased with my own ending, I do prefer Never Alone’s ending. It has spiritual elements, but in comparison to my story with more bad spirits than good, Never Alone has more good spirits than bad spirits. I thought this was a lovely reflection of Native culture!
Another aspect that was similar was the fox, who passed away in both my story and Never Alone’s story. However, in Never Alone the fox turns in to a spirit boy, after being harmed by a mean, scary man! I thought this was a very interesting turn, and it meant new techniques regarding controls! Calling on and controlling helpful spirits became much easier.

The game also included many short films on different subjects, with Alaskan Native American’s talking through these areas. These were what made the game even more exciting for me, as each person had stories of their own, and it was lovely getting to learn about their culture alongside an immersive puzzle game with lovely visuals and a touching story.

Never Alone is also being released on consoles (I played the PC version), which I was overjoyed to hear about, especially for such a short and non-typical kind of game. I really want to play multiplayer with my sister, so that we can be the fox and girl, working together!


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