Thought Bubble Convention 2014

What is Thought Bubble?

Last November I attended Leeds’ annual comic convention, which I have been to since 2009 when I first started cosplaying. This time, I went along with Charlotte; we wore her yukatas and did a variation of two Vocaloids, from the song Magnet:

The first video is a documentary film made about Thought Bubble by The City Talking.
Most of the sound has been recorded well – the microphone will have been pointing towards them. However, some isn’t too good because the area changes, (noisy pub etc, different lighting and different setting which seem mismatched) and the shots aren’t consistent in how close/far away a person is, which I think distracts a little. Otherwise I thought that the essence of what Thought Bubble is was captured exceptionally well!

I had fun with Charlotte, and many photographers wanted to take photos of us. Here are some of them, credit goes to Costume Shutterbug.

We also featured alongside other friends as a part of a short documentary film by my friends; Poppy and Sammy, who both attend Sheffield Hallam University, alongside Robin.

Their aim was to get the opinions of people on the streets when faced with cosplay and contrast and compare them with views from the Thought Bubble convention.

Finally, here are some of my own photographs of the event! (Some photos have captions)

I ended up buying a lot of zines etc from artists, because I really wanted to support them. I also got to meet Gemma Correll, an artist I really admire for her puns and illustrations alike.


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