SDP: Hidden Treasures + Templar Area

During my second visit to the Templar area, I found these stickers stuck on one of the buildings…

Curious, I decided to see if I could find their origin online..

Hidden Treasures Project

Hidden Treasures is a campaign to make the people and the council aware of how the city of Leeds is neglecting its heritage in order to pursue a consumerist and modernist nature.
The amount of abandoned buildings in Leeds is rising due to the recession, most of these buildings are of a grade listed standard.
These beautifully hand built buildings are being left to ruin, whereas they could be really useful to the city and the community.

Something about them that appeals even more to me is that the notes themselves now look old themselves, as if they have become a part of the building on which they are stuck.

I like the Hidden Treasures’ approach of using black and white photography, and putting the photographs in a book. Although, I think I would like to maintain my photographs colour, as there are some really vivid colours around the Templar area. Including the red doors shown above, and the red brick work.


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