SDP: Photoshop & InDesign

Here are some of my before and afters, using the techniques that David taught me…

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17/05/2015 Update
  1. 2 photoshop screenshots showing my editing process, and difference between distorting the image to straighten it up and before.
  2. Screenshots depicting my thought process as I considered layout – I went from an A4 page document (A3 when combining 2 pages) to deciding that I wanted a squared book. The amount of space with A4 was just too much, and I would end up cramming lots of photos on to each page. I didn’t want this as then the layout would be confusing/busy to look at, and hard to concentrate on individual photographs.
  • Really liked the collage idea that I got from matching up the hidden treasures sticker photographs. I disliked the two photos side by side, as they looked odd and a tad distracting, seeing as they had both stickers in the photos.
  • Also considered making “Hidden Treasures” text yellow, but then figured that it blended in too much with the photos and made the text look as if it were part of the photos’ layout – distracting, eye drawn to text rather than the images. So chose black but still with a slightly different font for the headings/titles on pages.
  • 2nd screenshot is collaged too, but difficult to tell. I liked this but decided to experiment with it further, and decided in the end to do a simpler grid layout. I used one of the photos twice but zoomed in on one, as I liked both the exterior’s texture and some small yellow flowers growing on the top of a doorway/arch. Saw it as a metaphor for life/possibility for the building existing still.
  • * Wish I had been able to get a satisfactory shot of the front of the building (1st screenshot) when the sun was facing it or it was overcast. The angled shot was the best of the bunch in my opinion. The lighting isn’t too harsh this way and still highlights the building (1st screenshot) – also feel it gives a sense of space around the building, its surroundings, how big the building is.
  • Bus station layout decisions
    First few screenshots – really liked that the 4 photos in a grid seemed to reflect aspects of each other: colours, vertical lines, and objects from other images such as the traffic cone, to give an idea of the space.
  • Second set of layout screenshots – decided before the window pages (1st screenshots).
    Wish I had got a better photo of the bus station from a distance – but I wanted to include it to give the viewer an idea of the space. Should have taken it earlier in the day when the sun was further on the left of this shot. It would have been nice if the car hadn’t been there as well. Although, this still shows that it is a car park currently, which I think is good for informing the viewer – along with the small text descriptions.

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