Amechibi Dance Performance

On the 11th of April, I travelled down to Nottingham to perform at a convention named Amechibi. It was held at the Britannia Hotel, and they gave me a performer’s pass for the day!

We started rehearsing as soon as I arrived on that morning, from 9am.

Around lunchtime, I joined my friends in a Disney Princess group,

and cosplayed as Cinderella in her peasant clothing.

I attended a panel on photography and modelling. A lot of what was said I already knew, but it was very helpful to have a kind of refresher and be given some tips on both aspects! (For modelling, bringing your face forward to reduce double-chins, and pushing your shoulders back. Also, using your whole body to pose – there’s always something you can do with your hands, even if it’s playing with the hair. Lurching forward is helpful for those of a bigger size as it narrows the waist) Both sides were informative for both models and photographers, as models then know what kind of photos they want/their photographer wants, and photographers know how to ask their models to pose, especially as models are often unsure of this.

IMG_3165Later, I re-met up with my dance group and our friend KleptoPenguin/Andy, who we were collaborating with for the performance. We went through the setlist and made sure we understood what we were doing etc.
There was a last minute rush, as I hadn’t sewn my skirt’s hook and eye completely, so I was panicking over that, and my tights I had been given didn’t fit me. But despite this, I got it sewn up in time, and after performing the dances I needed to which were close together, I nipped off to the toilets to change into my long black socks instead of my tights, to avoid a wardrobe malfunction!

I wasn’t 100% confident in my dances, so during the time I wasn’t on stage I practiced in our backstage area. Interestingly, I ended up doing better on the dances I had felt unconfident with than some of the ones I felt more confident with!

We recorded the entire performance on film, which can be viewed in parts here:

  1. 3rd Part
  2. 5th Part

After the performance, I hung around with friends for a while in their hotel room before going off to find my hostel with Andy and his friend Sam. I encountered a drunk woman stumbling about the pavement, who crashed into me and my suitcase and called me something rude, but not in an angry way thankfully. So that part wasn’t very pleasant and made me even gladder that I had Andy & Sam with me. Eventually I found the place, which was called Igloo. It was quite a nice place! Sharing a bathroom with others made me quite anxious, but I managed to deal with this well and made sure to go after I had heard somebody go somewhere else. My anxiety prevented me from checking out the kitchen area, but I didn’t need to use it and the 2 of my friends who had been at the hostel had already left the day before and at a different time than me that morning, respectively.

I also ventured out at 2am to find somewhere that sold drinks, and actually managed to find a shop. I was extremely thirsty as I had finished my water after dancing and then had nothing to quench my remaining thirst.

Overall I enjoyed the event, and despite the added stress that this performance gave me on top of my college work, I’m glad that I decided to do it as it was a great experience and I have missed dancing on stage! I know I would have regretted not attending.


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