SDP: Phone Photos

Photos are annotated

The exhibition day was very stressful, due to having to print on that day because of aforementioned (in previous blog posts) problems. The morning drop-in session in the print room was too full, so for back up I went upstairs to the Mac suites. I wasn’t allowed to print on my own paper, however, so I tried out their own paper already in the machines. This wasn’t bad but it was a bit too thin (gsm was lower) so it didn’t stand very well (the bottom of the pages curved once it was a book, to hold its weight) and it was slightly see-through, which was problematic as my images weren’t all laid out in the exact same way.

I went back to the print room during the 1 – 2pm slot, queued from 12.30pm and it was already pretty long. But I managed to finally print my images on my paper nearing 2pm!
I then had trouble finding a metal ruler to use to cut (the scalpel in the print room was quite blunt, and it was very busy in there) in my studio, so after my search in the library had also been unsuccessful, I resorted to a spirit level’s metal edge. This worked okay!

Something I regret is that I needed to trim the edges of the book, because the pages were sticking out unevenly. But because I wasn’t perfect at cutting, I had to do this twice. It resulted in the content inside being off-centre. My first book made on the regular paper shows better what it should have looked like. So in future, I may bare in mind that I should add extra marks to trim the edges on. (I decided to leave the top and bottom of the pages as they were straight anyway, and I didn’t want to ruin the book)


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