Light Night 2014

On Friday 3rd of October 2014, Leeds held its annual ‘Light Night’ event. I’ve wanted to attend for a couple of years, but would always miss it for one reason or another. That’s why I was particularly excited to experience it this year!
I took a lot of photographs to document the event, which I shall include my favourites of in this blog post…

Roland Emett Machines Launch – I was fascinated by these complex and intricate machines; They were made using everyday household objects and items, which come together to create truly unique and surreal inventions. I took a lot of photos to try to show just how many pieces make up the machines – the longer I studied each of them, the more parts I discovered, and I could have stayed for longer.

Python and Weezell’s Pop Up Pet Shop – I was slightly disappointed with this, as I was expecting a bit of a more interactive display. Instead was a shop window playing an animation on a screen, with pet shop ‘products’ dotted along the bottom of the window, not part of the screen. However I did think these props were cute, and the animation was interesting as I had to watch each of the animals to see what each was up to. But I don’t think that the props and animation related to each other very well, because the product props were cardboard and primarily black and white. Whereas the animation was very colourful and pop-py, so there wasn’t much collation between the two. I also imagine this may have looked better later in the evening, without the reflection on the window.

Hunslet Club Dance Troupe – I thought they were very successful in communicating aspects of future society and technology! It was fun watching them, you could tell they had rehearsed a lot.

LLNL – An installation by Pyramid of Arts. I loved the lights with what seemed to be collage in front of the lights, and the round textile-looking objects hanging from the ceiling!

10A – Paper cut installation. I loved the shadows it cast on the walls and floors when paired with light! And it was so intricate, I could just imagine the artist working on it with such concentration and precision.

Songo Drumming Project – Only briefly passed this group, but the music was so exciting!

BodyRemixer – This took up the most time – the queue was quite long, even at the start of the event. And when we revisited to see if we could see ourselves, we spent possibly an hour watching it change! I thought it was a great project, and there were some really funny mixes of people! I think it really created a sense of us all being connected.

High Lights

Zombies in Trinity

Ghost Tram

Granny Turismo

Leeds Young Astronomers Club

Shadow Portraiture

You – This was a really nice, peaceful experience. It was hard to crouch low down however, but it was very spiritual and I enjoyed taking part.

Sounds & Visions

Ways of Seeing

Light Walkers

Theatre of Illumination – This was amazing! The way the light on the Civic hall really made the building come to life in a 3-dimensional way was so clever, it got me interested in projection-mapping! I’d love to find out more about the process.

I also have a video I plan to put together of the various events, and I shall add that in a separate blog post at a later date.


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